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Gaslog data for Peugeot 405
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
09/25/2007 495 14.75 3.35One autox - wife drove only a couple of times. EOC when possible. Had a hour long idle episode in traffic one day, nasty. Fall has arrived, rain and 40s - 60s again. 33.55
07/01/2007 445.2 12.3 3.43Yikes. The following has happened: Auto cross tires installed on open face aluminum rims (wide heavy sticky more drag) Two autocross events (lots of idling and about 4 minuets of full throttle) more normal driving (much less engine off coasting) Family car duty 36.19
05/18/2007 361 7.85 3.79whew. best tank to date. Lots of freeway miles (p&g drafting) and basic run around stuff (getting better a antisipating lights), still not too bad. Limit for this car? It was alot of work I have to say. 40s at night 60s in the day 45.98
04/26/2007 270.2 6.15 3.5Had some warm days and it makes a difference. Had to EOC to keep from overheating as grill is fully taped. Lots of EOC on current routes and confident enough to use it on random drives now too. Getting better at looking ahead and gliding up to traffic/traffic lights to reduce idle time, but still idleing at all but the longest lights. First full tank with tape/foam spoiler. Strange, but as my mileage raises, so are gas prices......hmm.43.93
04/06/2007 217.3 5.49 3.35Spring weather - one day with snow one day with 70's in the afternoon. Generally cold in the morning (30's) and in the warm in the day (50's). 50% freeway. Added trunk lip/removed antenna. First fill with new plugs. Engine generally below operating temperature.39.58
03/26/2007 231.1 6.23 3.07Agressive EOC leads to cold engine all the time. warmer weather should raise number a bit. 30-50's for temps with rain. All short <10 mile trips to close office and back home. spark plug change during this tank. Not too bad for the conditions, but I thought I was doing better.37.09
03/11/2007 365 11.42 2.93Snow hail rain cats dogs and long trip with a full load aboard. Wow what a difference. 31.96
02/21/2007 201 5.25 2.6770% hwy (60-70 mph) and 30% short trips (7 mile). Weather is warming a bit in the 40's. EOC is working!!! Using it on the freeway commute now.38.28
02/09/2007 423 13.17 0Lots of short drives in coldish weather 7 mi / <40 degree My wife took a couple of trips = lower mpg Trip to the ski hill experimented with engine off coasting!!! Fun 32.11
01/21/2007 382 12.85 2.8770% short trip to work (7 miles) 30% long trip to office (45 miles 60-70 mpg) Cold/Snow min 16 max 40 degrees29.72

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