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Gaslog data for VW Jetta
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
10/15/2007 433 12 3.36Mostly driving to work, <8 miles in cool wet weather. One rally with no consideration for mileage. 36.08
06/16/2007 244.7 5.8 3.05to portland ave 70 Lots of traffic - still had a couple areas where I could open it up. EOC on the big hills. warm weather 70-80 Vortex generators on the roof Had a couple of commuting days on this tank too.42.18
06/15/2007 216.9 5.42 3.15from P freeway some stop and go warm vortex generators ave < 7040.01
06/09/2007 266.2 6.75 3.39Highway trip/stop and go/commute 70 mph on highway strong head wind 10+ mph39.43
06/09/2007 180.1 4.69 3.29Highway trip. Strong tail wind 10+ mph. High speeds ave~8038.40
03/10/2007 265 9.82 2.97Yikes, my wife drove most of this one. It includes lots of cruising neighborhoods checking out houses. There is one trip to the ski hill. I guess this confirms EOC makes a huge difference!!26.98
02/15/2007 92.6 2.48 2.65Ahhh coasting to the rescue, much better than last tank. Plus I added some additional taping to the nose. Temps are up to mid 40's37.33
02/13/2007 333 12.78 0Lots of idleing to bleed cooling system really hurts. Ouch26.05
11/27/2006 375 12.25 0From the last tank fill up in November, I dont remember too many details. WOT low engine speed - use of built in injector cut out. Upper grill block.30.61

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