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Gaslog data for Felix the Red VX
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
11/17/2013 546.2 12.8 2.97Added more fuel than ever so mileage will be slightly off. I think I can get 14 gallons in this tank. Haevn't driven car lately since having some lower back issues.42.67
09/15/2013 642 12.31 3.25Car running smooth. No A/C use. Typical tank for this time of year. No problems at all.52.15
08/06/2013 679.4 12.05 3.32Summer temps. No A/C use. Tires at 44 psi. About 70 percent City driving and 30 percent Hwy. driving. Felix just keeps humming along wonderfully.56.38
07/15/2013 621 12.22 3.36Summer driving, no AC. Tires at 45 psi. Car having no problems at all.50.81
06/08/2013 695.4 12.044 3.26Best tank ever. All but final 55 miles were city miles. No AC use, tires at max psi. Car continues to amaze me with its FE.57.73
05/11/2013 592 12.235 3.27Temps begining to warm. Mpg's beginning to improve. Will increase tire psi this tank and see how it goes. Pleased with FE so far.48.38
04/10/2013 581 12.238 3.27Temps warming. Less idling time to warm car up. Windows down driving some. No AC use needed. Pretty good tank.47.47
03/05/2013 516.3 12.067 3.44Winter temps effecting mpgs but not bad overall. Tires at 45 psi. Will need fresh oil change soon.42.78
01/15/2013 548.1 12.223 3.11Winter temps, 20s-40s, but still getting decent mpgs. Tires at 44 psi. 44.84
11/27/2012 545.1 11.94 3.09Winter temps causing lower mpg. Not too bad yet, but will get worse as December rolls around. Ugh.45.65
10/20/2012 628.1 12.134 3.05All city driving, no highway miles. Fall temps, so very little AC use. Tire PSI too low due to lower temps. Fresh oil change mid-tank. 51.76
09/19/2012 588 12.002 3.55Tank would have been better but got stuck in game day traffic for an hour. Still, good tank with fair use of AC.48.99
08/24/2012 591.1 12.038 3.49Excessive use of AC with summer heat regularly 92 and above. Car running very well, no issues mechanically.49.10
07/20/2012 626.5 12.135 3.05Excellent tank. Hot hot hot summer days. Used AC about half the tank, but saw very insignificant decrease in mpg. Car is running as good as ever.51.62
06/11/2012 662.6 12.029 3.16Best tank ever for city driving distance and FE!!! Car performing better the more it's driven. No AC use, tires 44 psi, minor EOC. About 90 percent city miles. Summer blend and temps helping.55.08
05/07/2012 602 11.984 3.36All city driving and no AC use. Best city tank ever. Added a couple of hypermiling techniques that definitely helped. 50.23
04/08/2012 615.3 11.993 3.67Had about 200 highway miles, added some hypermiling techniques, warmer temps. Best tank for miles travelled.51.30
03/17/2012 503.9 11.8 3.56Temps in low 70s, tires were low so bumped them to 44 psi. Should see slight FE increase. Testing hypermiling techniques.42.70
01/31/2012 444.1 11.473 3.39Cold weather driving definitely hurt this tank. She just burns more fuel trying to warm up!38.70
12/07/2011 505.5 10.97 3.09Very cold temps. Tire pressure at 44 PSI maxed out. Car handling fine.46.08
11/04/2011 613.2 10.608 3.39About 75 percent highway driving. Tires at Max PSI. Car performed noticeably better from begining of tank with increased Tire PSI. Rides a little bumpier though.57.80
10/14/2011 558.9 12.84 3.34Fall weather now. Same driving style. Using 87 octane. Still getting good mpgs.43.52
09/15/2011 525.8 11.08 3.33Car ran excellent this past month. Switched down to 87 octane. MPGs have been consistent, so we'll see how she runs on lower octane gas.47.45
08/16/2011 523.1 11.11 3.41Summer driving, windows down. Medium grade 89 octane gas. Running smooth, mpg improving.47.08
07/13/2011 443 10.99 3.54All city driving. Summer temperatures, windows down. Used medium grade gas. Seems to run better on 89 octane.40.30
06/10/2011 331 10.17 3.59Mixed city/hwy driving. Very hot temps, used A/C entirely. Got 87 octane from shady gas station. Car stumbled through tank.32.54
06/03/2011 450.2 9.04 3.56All highway driving. Speeds between 55-65. Some A/C use. Filled with 89 octane gas.49.80
06/02/2011 383.1 9.66 3.56Mixed highway and city driving. About 1/3 city, and 2/3 highway. Significant A/C use.39.65

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