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Gaslog data for 01_SILVER_1 (SATURNFAN)
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
11/15/2009 566 10.67 2.52A bit better this tank.53.04
10/29/2009 521 10.67 2.52Oh crap. Front of rear belly pan came loose and turned into a scoop. Car would not coast. Gave up on pulse and glide for while. Things are better now but I am doing more short trips. 48.82
10/01/2009 558 10.48 2.6 53.24
09/05/2009 633 11.16 2.54 56.72
08/16/2009 626 11.12 2.46 56.29
07/26/2009 605 10.6 2.4 57.07
07/07/2009 567 10.271 2.56 55.20
06/16/2009 583 10.437 2.58 55.85
05/31/2009 589 10.842 2.38Got to new Pirelli P6 tires installed somewhere in this tank or previous. Rolling resistance is low but I would not recommend this tire. It does not roll round and follows grooves in payment like some Bridgestone tires have for me. Michelin and Toyo do not do like those. 54.32
05/16/2009 602 10.721 2.2 56.15
04/25/2009 612 10.312 2.06Bought some new Pirelli P6 tires but have not installed them yet. 59.34
04/06/2009 589 10.82 1.86Removed the Michelin Harmony tires and installed used Toyo 175/65 R14 tires. Corrected for the smaller tires. The improvement is more than one would expect from the tire size change. Don't know about those Michelin tires. Sold them on Craig's List. 54.43
03/16/2009 527 10.363 1.699Pulled the Michelin tires after about 300 miles of this tank. 50.85
02/25/2009 320 6.291 1.72Those new Michelin Harmony tires are really draggy. I did not expect that.50.86
02/15/2009 550 10.25 1.76I just installed new Michelin tires. I think they are going to cost me a few miles per gallon. Those old Toyo Z800 Ultra tires were about like people describe those Bridgestone RE92's. Anyway the quieter ride is maybe worth a few mpg. It sounds like I am going soft when gas only costs $1.75. Oh well. Maybe a stimulized plug in hybrid system will get me going someday. 53.65
01/27/2009 584 10.751 1.68 54.32
01/06/2009 557 10.032 1.539Colder and some snow and ice. P&G is hard on slick roads. 55.52
12/04/2008 608 10.517 1.71I now have the front wheel skirts and the water heated intake air with IAT sensor in the heater. Also gas was supossed to be without ethanol. Mileage is a bit better butnot too much. 57.81
11/16/2008 565 10.32 2.13This fillup had not ethanol. Will see if next tank is better. 54.74
10/31/2008 574 10.248 2.519Rear spoiler may not be helping. Cooler weather and winter fuel may be hurting mileage a bit. Also more short trips. 56.01
10/15/2008 601 10.5 3.299If lay offs get much larger the commuting may not be needed any more. 57.23
09/17/2008 603 10.298 3.659Added a spoiler or kamback obove rear window. Difference is small but seems real at the moment. This is opposite effect of vortex generators. Yes I need to update pictures. 58.55
08/28/2008 582.5 10.544 3.759 55.24
08/08/2008 645 10.526 3.939Just a bit more EOC. Fairly fast driving too. 61.27
07/12/2008 353 5.996 4.08Averaaged 60 mph Yakima to Meridian. A slight tailwind and some drafting. Baker City to Meridan (127 miles) was 71 mpg at 59 mph ave. 58.87
07/12/2008 372 7.219 4.18Seattle, Arlington, Yakima and short trips. Cooler 51.53
07/08/2008 500 9.615 4.46Meridian to Seattle. Cool Morning 60-70 mph. Had to use brakes going down steep hills. 52.00
07/07/2008 320 5.401 4.08Fillup before trip to Seattle. 59.24
06/23/2008 615 10.381 4.009Alternator belt still on. Preparing for 1200 mile trip. Had to replace battery. A cell had gone bad some months ago. Battery was only 13 months old? Excess heat? Maybe. Freeway trips at 65 mph Scangauge gives me 55 mpg. Scangauge needed no correction. A little too good to be true. 59.24
06/08/2008 634 10.663 3.86Pult alternator belt back on. Injector balance may have helped. 120 mile trip at 65 mph. Rest commuting and such. 65 mph trip must have been close to 55 mpg with the scangauge correction. 47 mph ave for the tank. 59.45
05/26/2008 323 5.648 3.839Short fuel up becuase I just rebalanced the injectors at Witchhunt Performance. Very reasonable price. I was setting a P0303 code. Injector #3 was down 9% with a bad spray pattern. Car runs smoother now. Will see what it does to the mileage. I put the Alternator belt back on for some longer trips. I know I did two things at once. This note is really relevant to the next fill up. 57.18
05/07/2008 598 10.621 3.659CEL P0452 evap system and P0303 miss cyl number three. Really can't feel the miss but setting codes appears to be hurting the mileage. Something is going wrong. It is not plugs and wires. May be an injector. Might be compression but I don't think so yet. 56.30
04/13/2008 584 9.886 3.22Had to replace the fuel tank pressure sender. Car was on blocks for a week. I could have planned a bit better. It cost almost $70. 59.07
03/09/2008 622 10.365 3.03Maybe winter is over here. Finally hit 60 mpg again. It takes EOC to hit 60. 60.00
02/15/2008 624 11.051 2.94Winter. Cold, snow, slush. Admittedly I use the other Saturn on the short trips.56.46
01/23/2008 585 10.6 2.96Temps in the teens. Still driving too fast. Oh well. 55 is decent. 55.18
01/02/2008 504 9.32 3I had a stem failure and one tire got almost flat on one trip. All tires got down to 40 psi. Put back to 60 psi. Ran on two cylinders for about 25 miles. I have been driving 60-65 too much. Temperatures are in the teens in the morinings. I can preheat in the morning and do okay but the trip home in the evening is bad for my mileage. I think this was a short fill so it does not look as bad as I thought it would. Same station and pump as always. 54.07
12/09/2007 511 8.8 3.039Darn My average will drop below 60. I guess I have peaked on the TOP 10 lists. cold weather is hurting a bit. I am still driving 60-65 too. 58.06
10/16/2007 624 10 2.67Driving more on the freeway. Construction is holding some of the freeway to 55 MPH. Not much else is different. Driving faster apparently affects scanguage calibration.62.4
09/24/2007 599 10.2 2.639Still using the freeway quite a lot at 55-65 mph for the commute. Not too many short trips. Tried the LM1 controller and wide ratio oxygen sensor. After 2 days of normal running I tried to reprogram. It went very lean and would not reset to factory defaults. It said it did but it did not. I had to re-install the OEM O2 sensor. The problem might be in the USB to DB9 conversion cable. It took a round trip to work to get it rich enough to quit missing. I think it is about back to normal now. I lost 2-3 mpg off the tank doing this. Not sure of the exact problem yet. 58.72
09/03/2007 648 10.91 2.59More short trips. They really hurt. More freeway driving. It is not so bad except when caught in stalled traffic. Still lots of P&G but a little less EOC.59.39
08/11/2007 431 6.2 2.79Tank mph ave was 34 mph. This tank just commuting and a few errands. 69.51
07/28/2007 434 6.084 293Average speed 33 mph. Maybe trying too hard. 71.33
07/15/2007 492 7.8 2.98300 Somender Sing groove miles. At least 260 miles at 61 mph. 63.07
06/30/2007 369 5.5 3.09Used the block heater some. 67.09
06/17/2007 415 6.2 3.14Filled early for challenge synchronization. No Changes.66.93
06/03/2007 668 10.2 3.24Extensive EOC and P&G. Only 20 miles on freeway. Added more to rear skirts. Added a section of rear belly pan yesterday. Added radius around front skirt rings yesterday. 65.49
05/12/2007 615 10 3.07During this tank mirrors were removed. "Mini" skirts were added. Alternator belt pulled two days ago. Ave speed only 29 mph. 61.5
04/26/2007 605 10.8 2.84Nothing new. Careful engine off coasting. Had some mean headwinds a couple days. 56.01
04/09/2007 535 10.09 2.68Extended belly pan 3 more feet. Cleaned it up a bit. Tried rear wheel pants but rain got to cardboard. No other changes yet. Still feeding hot air and messing up the scangauge calibration. 53.02
03/21/2007 568 10.62 2.41Added front belly pan and real heated intake air during this tank. More EOC. 53.48
03/04/2007 415 9.12 2.17Tried IAt faux temp of 233. Only fooled me and the scangaugeII. The ECU did not seem to take much notice in the way it ran or the miles. The Scangauge reported 59 mpg for this tank. Put the wire back on the sender and installed a slightly effective intake heater system. 45.50
02/24/2007 502 10.85 2.07Learing EOC and P&G a bit. Just installed an IAT resistor. Maybe next tank will be good. ;)46.26
02/10/2007 451 10.5 2.09Mostly commuting. P&G. Some homeward trips over 50 mpg. 60 psi.42.95
01/27/2007 127 2.91 2.18down hill, down wind, drafted a bit but hey 40+ gets me to nirvana. Nirvana is all in controlling expectations. 43.64
01/27/2007 345 9 2.28commute and 120 mile trip. New t-stat, 5-30 synthetic oil, 44 psi 20 mph headwind38.33
01/23/2007 355 10.64 2.23Mostly commuting, 15 miles each way33.36

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