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Gaslog data for Master Yoda
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
05/27/2013 482.7 11.167 3.629Commuting back and forth to work 3 or 4 times, to church once, and a trip to Cincinnati. A few hard acceleration runs. CEL came on about 30 miles prior to fill-up.43.22
05/22/2013 429.3 10.853 3.7591st tank with the new engine - quite a bit of hard driving. Mostly commuting back and forth to work and church, with one trip to Martinsville.39.55
05/11/2013 484.1 11.983 3.799Most of the driving was done over a month ago. The car sat for 5 weeks while undergoing the engine swap. The engine is now a D16Z6. Greg added about 2 gallons of gas and I drove the car very hard around town a bit.40.39
03/19/2013 422 11.206 3.939Commuting back and forth to work and the in-laws'. I loaned the car to Thomas for one day. I topped off the tank by 0.2 gallons, and had some spillage as well (optimistic top-off). Temps have been in the 20s-30s.37.65
03/11/2013 426.1 10.5 3.859Commuting back and forth to work. Temps have been in the 20s-40s, with about 2 inches of snow/ice one day before it melted.40.58
02/25/2013 433.8 11.199 3.499Commuting back and forth to work and church. Temps have been between 15 and 40. There was one ice storm, requiring a lengthy warm-up.38.73
02/14/2013 419.4 10.397 3.449Commuting back and forth to work and church. Commute speeds have been in the 70-75 mph range, with very little hypermiling. Temps have been between 10 and 50 degrees, and it was extremely windy for 2 of the days.40.33
02/04/2013 412.5 10.594 3.599Commuting back and forth to work and church. Extremely cold outside, with temps in the low single digits to the teens most mornings. Afternoon temps have been in the teens to twenties most of the time. Temps hit the 50s one day, only to return to the twenties the next.38.93
01/26/2013 432 10.916 3.339Commuting back and forth to work and church, with a few errands. Temps have been in the teens to twenties, and it has snowed.39.57
01/18/2013 421.4 11.053 3.359Commuting back and forth to work and church. Speeds in the 65-70 mph range. Temps have been in the teens to high 20s.38.12
01/09/2013 382.7 10.186 3.379Commuting back and forth to work. I had the main relay go out, so the fuel pump was not working properly. This was causing the intermittent no-start problem. Near the end of the tank, I took the car to a shop to replace the right rear anti-roll bar link bushing, which had popped loose. The car had a lot of warm-up and idling time due to the weather. The temps dropped into single digits at times and we received a foot of snow in a 7-day stretch.37.57
12/10/2012 446.6 10.86 3.349Driving back and forth to work and church. Temps have been in the 30s-40s. I drove a bit hard the last 1/4 tank.41.12
11/25/2012 455 11.122 3.499Driving back from Evansville, then to Fortville, then back and forth to Church. 90% highway at 60-65 mph with one passenger and luggage.40.90
11/23/2012 431.4 10.111 3.439Driving back from Fortville, then back and forth to work for 3 days, then down to Evansville. Kept the speeds under 65 mph. Temps were mild this week.42.66
11/17/2012 437.3 10.904 3.389Commuting to work and church, with one trip back from Anderson and one trip to Fortville. I kept the speeds down this tank, although I did top off by about 1/4 gallon. Mornings have been cold, with temps in the mid-20s. I have had to scrape the windows and run the defroster in the mornings.40.10
11/12/2012 441.1 10.847 3.479Driving back and forth to work and church, with a short trip to Anderson. I had a bit of hard driving (80+ mph a few times), and commute speeds have been 65-75 mph. Since I changed the rear shoes and drums, they might be dragging a little. 40.66
11/03/2012 412.6 10.027 3.359Commuting back and forth to work. I re-installed the 13-inch wheels and Michelin Destiny tires for winter duty. Tires are at 42 psi. Mornings have been about 30 degrees. Commute speeds are at an indicated 70-75 mph. I was in a couple of traffic jams, which did not help mileage.41.14
10/19/2012 421.1 10.463 3.479Commuting to work and a lot of around-town driving. Commutes have been in the 65-70 mph range. Temps have been in the 40s to 50s.40.24
10/09/2012 428.7 10.623 3.899Easy driving for the first 100 miles, but some harder driving afterwards. I have been late out the door to work almost every day for the past week and a half, and my commute speeds have been about 70 mph. I have also been somewhat impatient with the throttle. Due to cold temps (35 degrees in the mornings), my car has been a little more reluctant to start. While I scraped frost off the windows one morning, it seemed to misfire a bit with the A/C on.40.35
09/29/2012 456.7 11.001 3.779Commuting to work and church, with some around-town driving. Tried to take it easy this tank. Temps have been in the high 40s or low 50s in the mornings, and in the 50s-70 mark in the afternoons41.51
09/19/2012 435.6 10.502 3.899Mostly commuting back and forth to work and church, with a few full-throttle runs near the end of the tank. Temps have been in the 50s in the morning and 60s-70s in the afternoons.41.47
09/07/2012 463 11.004 3.859Commuting to work and back. Lots of top-down driving. Temps have been 60s-80s.42.07
08/24/2012 428.8 10.276 3.759Commuting to work and back. I have been driving it hard since I got the new PaceSetter exhaust. Trying to get used to the way it sounds.41.72
08/07/2012 465.5 10.484 3.899Commuting to work and back. Temps have been in the 60s-70s in the morning and 85-95 in the afternoon.44.40
07/22/2012 472.2 10.942 3.3339One trip to work and back, then driving to Evansville. The drive down was about 70-75 mph with some A/C use. I drove around Evansville for 2 days with a lot of A/C use, as temps were in the high 90s. I made the return trip about about 55-65 mph with no A/C. The alignment is slightly off, and I had the tires at 46 psi. This produced some wandering at speed.43.15
07/19/2012 452.9 10.604 3.459Commuting to work and back, with some spats of hard driving. Temps were in the high 90s for much of the tank, so I tried out the recently charged A/C quite a bit.42.71
07/06/2012 426.3 10.506 3.599The del Sol was being painted for 6 weeks. The fuel level dropped quite a bit in that time, which makes me think that the guy doing the work was letting the car idle before/after he moved the car. I also spilled some fuel while filling up. I made a 0.3 gallon adjustment to the fill-up. I did drive the car pretty hard after I got it back.40.57
05/10/2012 493.7 11 3.759I updated the car with a K&N Series 63 intake. I drove the car much harder than usual, but the car went farther on a tank than I have achieved with either of my del Sols before. My previous best was 485 miles in 2004. I had about 75% highway driving on the tank, and a lot of 3/4 to full throttle driving.44.88
05/02/2012 478.4 10.503 3.789Warmer the past few mornings. I drove with the top off the past 2 days. The rear springs, shocks, control arms, and tie bar were installed 4/29/12. I may have overfilled the tank on the previous fill-up. I tried to top off this tank but it overflowed.45.54
04/24/2012 414.3 10.554 3.849The car has had a cold-start problem that makes the car sputter and die. I have had a shorter commute to work. No drives to church and back. Temps in the 30s in the morning. Winds of up to 35 mph over 3 or 4 days.39.25
04/04/2012 471.3 11.115 3.959Commuting back and forth to work and church, with a few around-town trips. Temps have been mild, with a few cold mornings. About 100 miles driven with the top down. The rest of the time windows were up. No A/C. Commuting speeds are around 65-70 mph.42.40
03/26/2012 464.8 10.396 3.969Commuting to work, church, and around town. No long highway trips, but a bit of drafting. Temps have been in the high 70s to low 80s during the day, and in the 60s at night.44.70
03/14/2012 471 11.087 3.879Commuting to work and back. Speeds 65-75. Temps have increased. 30-50 in the mornings, and 50-75 in the afternoons. Due to the higher temps, tires are up to 48 psi. Will drop to 42 psi for the next tank.42.48
03/03/2012 447.1 10.285 3.7993 days of commuting to work and back (65-70 mph), then to Newburgh (55-60 mph), plus about 90 miles of the return trip. Tires at 44 psi.43.47
02/26/2012 431.6 10.751 3.699Commuting to work and back all week, then to Lafayette and back Saturday and to church and back on Sunday.40.14
02/20/2012 434.2 10.659 3.499Drive home from work, then to Auburn and back. One drive to church and back, then to work.40.73
02/17/2012 445.1 11.023 3.199Commuting to work and back. One big traffic jam on 2nd day of tank; sat in stop-and-go traffic for 30 minutes. The car was iced over a couple of times and required long warm-ups before I could drive it.40.37
02/06/2012 456.6 11.344 3.349Commuting to work and church. Temps have ranged between 30 and 55.40.25
01/25/2012 437.8 11.364 3.199Lots of commuting, with some snow throughout the last week and a half. Commuting speed is equal to the flow of traffic in the slow lane, which can be anywhere from 50 mph to 75 mph depending on how much coffee the commuters have had. The gas pump may not have been accurate, since it put 11.364 gallons in the car before shutting off. The gas light was not on, and I only have an 11.9 gallon tank. On a previous tank, the gas light came on when there was still 1.3 gallons or so left in the tank.38.52
01/17/2012 406.5 10.158 3.279Lots of 20-mile trips. Temps have been anywhere from 10 degrees to 55 degrees. There was about 100 total miles of snowy driving, and a lot of high wind.40.01
01/07/2012 440.9 10.734 3.439Mostly commuting around town and on the highway. Highway trips of 60 miles (1) and 30 miles (3 or 4). Temps have been very mild. Up to 50 degrees in January. The tank had a higher mpg average until I was running late and had to drive 75-85 mph for 50 miles one day and 75-80 mph for 40 miles the next.41.07
12/30/2011 412.7 9.923 3.499Driving to church and the in-laws and back, then a trip to Evansville and back. A few short trips around E-ville, but mostly highway. Temps were in the 50s.41.59
12/25/2011 416.9 10.502 3.379About 350 miles of highway at 65-75 mph (mostly 65), plus some commuting.39.69
12/23/2011 420.3 10.606 3.349Mostly commuting around town. Temps have been in the 30s-40s, which is unseasonably warm.39.62
12/14/2011 453.1 10.521 3.27980% highway, with temps in the 20s- high 30s for most of the tank. The thermostat was changed near the end of the tank since it was stuck open. The valve lash was adjusted at the same time. I deducted 1/4 gallon since (1) the dealer let the car idle while it tested its adjustments and (2) I spilled an unholy amount of gas trying to top the car off. This one does not top off the same as my other Hondas.43.06
12/09/2011 401.1 10.3 3.729Mostly city driving. I deducted 1/2 gallon since the car spent a lot of time idling and revving up in the driveway as I worked on it. I completed a Seafoam treatment and tune-up. I also changed the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and clutch fluid. The car was aligned (twice), and the alignment shop drove it for about 10 total miles.38.94
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