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Gaslog data for Truck Truck
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
09/10/2013 611.6 28.849 3.499Trip to IKEA in Cincinnatti and back, then some hauling for the bathroom. Several trips back and forth to Menards in Lebanon and Home Depot here in town.21.20
08/11/2013 548.8 29.538 3.349Hauling duty only. Hauled furniture for my neighbors, helped my in-laws move, and did the grunt work during my bathroom remodel. Made a few parts runs in town.18.57
06/17/2013 562.4 28.306 3.789Commuting back and forth to work, with a 220-mile round trip to IKEA in Cincinnati.19.86
06/09/2013 602.7 29.712 4.099Commuting back and forth to Henryville with an engine in tow, back and forth to Westfield with a pottery wheel, and back and forth to work.20.28
05/18/2013 556.2 29.456 3.899Lots of highway driving, as we spent the last 4 weekends helping people move. About 100 miles or so was spent around town, and about 1/2 of the tank was spent loaded with furniture, mulch, spare engines, etc.18.88
05/03/2013 521.5 27.994 3.769I hauled a few loads of scrap to Frankfort, and 2 loads of tree debris to Mechanicsburgh. The truck was stuck in the mud once. The rest of the tank was commuting back and forth to work and around town.18.62
04/24/2013 532.1 29.994 3.619I drove about 100 miles round trip helping my uncle move furniture to his new house. I drove back and forth to work and church, since the del Sol is still undergoing the engine swap. I picked up a load of scrap metal on 4/21, and have been driving around with it ever since. I will take to the scrap yard on 4/27.17.74
04/14/2013 449.2 28.074 3.389Mostly commuting around town. The del Sol is having the engine swapped, so the truck is acting as my daily driver. I finally replaced the secondary O2 sensors toward the end of the tank. I did a lot of hard driving with 3/4 to full throttle. Temps were in the 30s to 70s.16.00
03/18/2013 515.7 29.75 3.959Trip to Evansville and back. Took highway on the way down, with speeds in the 60-mph range. Took the interstate on the return trip, with speeds in the 65-75 mph range, with a bit of drafting on the and a tailwind. Scangauge showed 17 mpg after the highway trip and 19 mpg for the return trip. About 100-150 miles of around-town driving afterwards hurt the average. I topped off by 0.75 gallons.17.33
02/14/2013 450.2 27.715 3.449Temps ranged from 0 to 50 degrees. I used the truck to commute a few times and to haul a few times. When I drove it, I tended to drive it hard. I did install a Scangauge just prior to the last fill-up, so I should have it calibrated now.16.24
01/05/2013 430.2 27.31 3.199Fuel leak was getting worse; it was fixed about halfway through the tank. The temps were low, into the single digits at times, and the driving conditions were poor over the past 2 weeks, with a lot of snow and ice. The truck did not get much hauling duty, but it was driven somewhat hard, with a lot of hard acceleration runs and 70+ mph cruising. I installed a Scangauge prior to this tank, and wanted to see how the numbers look under different driving conditions.15.75
12/15/2012 429.8 26.782 3.079Mostly hard driving, with some hauling as well. I spent some time trying to diagnose a CEL. I installed a K&N cold air intake halfway through the tank, and a Scangauge right at the end of the tank.16.04
10/27/2012 433.7 25.348 3.299This tank suffered from a lot of idling and hard driving as we got the powertrain sorted out. The lifters were very noisy, so I put in 1/2 quart of Lucas Oil Treatment and 1 quart of ATF at the first oil change. This sorted out the lifter issues. The engine was leaking coolant from the intake manifold gasket, and we broke the distributor when we put it back in. The replacement distributor went in with the timing way off, so poor mileage ensued. The fuel lines had to be disconnected to replace the intake manifold gasket, so some fuel was lost. The truck did some hauling work, which necessitated a lot of short trips. In addition, the interstate time was usually spent at 75 mph and above. The CEL came back on just before I completed this tank.17.10

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