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Gaslog data for Ion Redline
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
03/29/2008 187.4 6.917 3.179Been riding the Motorcycle lately and don't have to use that much premium fuel in the Saturn :)27.09
03/06/2008 213.3 8.156 3.39Dang premium fuel lol. But with my Shell card its a %5 discount so it's really not that bad. I don't drive this car for max FE anymore just regular farting around lol.26.15
02/08/2008 131.5 5.811 2.97Wife drives most of the time now with a lot of short trips. It's killing the gas mileage lol.22.62
08/17/2007 219.6 7.251 2.899##Last Vacation fill-up##All Down hill From Sedona, AZ to my house. There was a lot of neutral coasting going on here. I love the fuel economy of a 260hp 4 banger.30.28
08/14/2007 159.5 4.974 3.099In Holdbrook AZ going to the Petrified Forest / Painted Desert. Then Filling up right before Sedona AZ.32.06
08/13/2007 261.5 9.712 3.192nd vacation trip fill-up. This is all going up the mountain. Going from Casa Grande to Williams AZ to take the train to the Grand Canyon. Going up hill @5000-6000 ft sucks for fuel economy lol.26.92
08/11/2007 129 4.108 2.879First fill up for vacation. all tires @ 33lbs.31.40
08/04/2007 244.7 8.515 2.969A lot of 75mph freeway with A/C. The rest of the miles were 55mph and coasting to the stops in neutral, with the engine on. 28.73
07/29/2007 167.3 5.771 2.91No real FE techniques used. I just coast in neutral a lot and thats about it.28.98
07/20/2007 189.9 7.548 3.079Don't really do to much Fuel savings since I have my motorcylce now. I still drive slow and coast in neutral to stop signs and lights though.25.15
07/14/2007 143.5 5.758 3.099Using A/C most of the time do to the heat.24.92
07/05/2007 262.7 9.437 3.139Lots of 78mph cruising no real FE done it's to flat where I live in AZ lol. Also a lot of it was using the A/C27.83
06/06/2007 269.5 10.273 3.299Used the A/C for a lot of the tank. I don't fill the car up much anymore because of the Motorcycle, but I still put a lot of miles on it hehe.26.23
05/11/2007 240.5 7.785 3.29Fixed the running rich issue.30.89
05/01/2007 221.1 7.301 3.199 30.28
04/23/2007 213.5 7.631 3.169 27.97
04/17/2007 203.9 6.884 3.169 29.61
04/09/2007 155.7 5.812 3.099 26.78
04/06/2007 264.1 8.766 2.999Gas is getting expensive for premium.30.12
03/29/2007 225 8.2 2.99Put K&N drop in filter back in.27.43
03/24/2007 182.3 6.901 2.959 26.41
03/19/2007 183 6.943 2.89 26.35
03/12/2007 253.9 9.303 2.899Same old same old.27.29
03/05/2007 215.9 8.065 2.699Figured out why my car runs rich....IAT sensor broke. Still needs replaced.26.76
02/26/2007 213.5 7.837 2.599Drove to Adams house and back. Followed him to a couple places and he accell's fastger so i had to keep up.27.24
02/23/2007 213.9 7.771 2.559Normal driving not really trying to get the best FE27.52
02/19/2007 214.3 7.774 2.499Watching the aeroforce intercepter gauge(scanner for performance cars) keeping the mpg above 30mpg while cruising.27.56

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