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Gaslog data for 1992 Honda Civic VX
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
09/22/2013 688.5 9.9 3.559Surprising result. Some bumper to bumper city driving and a 140 mile headwind didn't help my cause. Nevertheless, an epic tank. Was surprised the tank only took 9.9 gallons. Was expecting it to take more. I topped off the tank, and it over flowed a little bit. 69.54
09/14/2013 552.8 10.403 359.9was surprised I used so much gas given similar driving to previous tank, but then realized this tank prolly filled up much more than the last one since I went over 300 miles on my current tank with the needle still up near full. (mileage X 1.04)53.13
09/06/2013 654.2 10.403 3.599actual odo read 629.0 Lots of highway driving. 80-85% highway. Fair amount of hills, too. About 60% of the time there was cargo: either a desk in the back or a passenger with two bags of luggage, or just a 175lb passenger. 62.88
09/03/2013 462.4 9.781 3.599actual odo was 444.6. Was surprised the tank took so much gas given where the gauge was, but there was some nasty city driving and idling at traffic lights.47.27
08/28/2013 406.3 7.325 3.579actual odo read 390.755.46
08/18/2013 303.6 4.901 3.559Odo read 291.9 but I multiplied by 1.04 to account for oversized tires for a more accurate distance actually driven.61.94
01/26/2013 349.8 8.133 3.379Oops, overfilled the tank because I was using the gascap to dispense the gas. Lost about a cup or so of gas. :( Well, this was quite the tank. Most of it was during a pretty bad cold snap. One morning I started my car and it was -6 degrees. That is one brutal cold start. Throughout this tank, whenever I'd stop, even for 5 minutes, the temp gauge would be back at C when I'd start the car up again. Just brutally cold. Some snow didn't help matters, either.43.00
01/19/2013 378.3 9.118 3.389Drove it like I stole it from NYC back to my home which is an overall gradual elevation increase to 800+ feet. Some conservative driving as well. Oh yeah, drove through a snowstorm.41.48
01/10/2013 364.8 8.234 3.279Jim my rideshare from Chicago drove the entire tank 65-70+ mph.44.30
01/10/2013 152.8 2.882 3.129 53.01
01/09/2013 445.9 9.4 3.059 47.43
01/08/2013 280.3 6.978 2.999 40.16
01/08/2013 445.5 6.726 2.959Slight downgrade through flat Nebraska and safe distance truck drafting much of the route. Speeds 60-65mph.66.23
01/08/2013 108.3 2.201 2.639gotta top off that cheap gas!49.20
01/08/2013 295.3 6.064 2.679This tank actually filled up at 6:09pm on January 7 but was in the wrong place in the gas log so I dated it Jan 8 to move it above the abysmal tank below this one which it followed.48.69
01/07/2013 203.3 5.902 2.939Sometimes fill ups have a delayed true reading. This tank clearly is reflecting the previous two tanks that didn't fill up properly. This tank reflects the distance covered somewhere outside of Cheyenne, WY and somewhere after Salt Lake City, UT.34.44
01/07/2013 230.4 5.2 3.009Filled up somewhere in Wyoming with 0, -2 and -4 degree readings through the night. Included two 2 hour naps in the car with the engine running in these temps.44.30
01/06/2013 390.9 5.275 2.939More Sierra Nevada mountain driving to Reno, then picked up rideshare and his luggage and must have filled up somewhere on I-80 390 miles after Lake Topaz just across the border of CA into NV on route 395.74.10
01/06/2013 185.2 3.362 3.199Filled up in Nevada on the downside of the Sierra Nevadas after driving through snow and many mountain passes. Driving on CA route 395 notorious for its high mountain passes.55.08
01/06/2013 568.8 13.787 0most expensive gas for the return trip. 2 tanks calculated into one. 5.402 gallons at 3.519 and 8.385 at 3.399 California of course and a total distance of 568.8 miles. Latter part of this tank climbing into the Sierra Nevadas just me and my luggage. 41.25
01/02/2013 538.5 12.302 3.359Aggressive driving style. Really not much thought to the fuel saving. A couple 60mph stints, but mostly driving for fun and to make time. Lots of 5500RPM revs. Some hills. some of the least fuel efficient driving I've done in this VX or in my other one over 5 years.43.77
12/29/2012 334 5.48 3.359Descended out of the Sierra Nevadas. Filled up in Elk Grove Cali (after touching base in San Fran and then driving back to Sacramento).60.94
12/28/2012 357.8 9.49 3.07988 octane. Filled up in Wyoming. This tank was fater climbing over the Rockies so no surprise with the bad numbers.37.70
12/28/2012 309.5 7.418 2.81some cheap gas. Filled up in Wyoming.41.72
12/28/2012 300.8 7.373 3.099straight and straight and straight and the beginning of the steady elevation rise into the rockies. Filled up in Iowa.40.79
12/28/2012 383.3 8.522 3.099more of the same. My partner in crime was driving for a portion of this tank. There was some manual transmission instruction (rape to my clutch :[ and he drove around 70mph. 44.97
12/28/2012 256.7 4.903 327.9Filled up in Indiana somewhere. No recollection of any details for this tank. Speeds for most of the entire trip were around 65mph unadjusted for larger tire size. 52.35
12/27/2012 377.1 9.272 3.399Drove through the rest of PA and into Ohio and visited Rusty94cx. Bigger hills (2200 foot elevation reached in the Poconos). Continued bad weather/head wind. Filled up in Orville, OH. 40.67
12/27/2012 387.9 7.425 3.379bad headwind. rain, snow on road slowing car down sometimes. First tank of the cross counry trip. Several hundred pounds of extra cargo. Some hills. Filled up in PA somewhere.52.24
12/26/2012 145.3 3.5 3.289lots of hills.41.51
12/24/2012 489.2 8.242 3.399Some shorter trips before drove to Brooklyn and back. Tank drop was very delayed. 150 miles before budged off of full. Some mountainous driving at the end of the tank in NH brought overall mpg down a bit.59.35
12/20/2012 446.1 9.874 3.359Similar route and driving as previous tanks. Some freezing rain forced me to run the defroster while the engine was warming up; never helpful to fuel economy. Temps 20s and 30s. Gas tank didn't seem to fill anymore than usual but the gauge didn't start dropping until 150 miles on the next tank, which is pretty much unheard of on this car. More on that in the next log. Also, I noticed that my tires seem to be too big for the car as a google maps trip of 77.5 miles only took 74.5 on my car's odo. So I will probably try to determine just how much off my odometer is and then adjust my gaslogs accordingly. 45.17
12/15/2012 448.6 9.452 3.399Mixed levels of conservative driving. Mostly 20 degree temps, some 30s. Mostly highway but more city driving than last tank and more cold starts. Highway speeds between 50 and 75. Fair amount of drafting.47.46
12/12/2012 405 7.559 3.439Filled up at cumbies in GB. Drove very conservatively. Mostly highway but some stop and go as well. Lots of long hills. Over 5000 feet of elevation gain over the course of the tank (to and from the Pioneer valley twice). Drove around 60mph on the flats and 50mph up hills on the interstate. A little drafting (maybe 30 miles).53.57
12/09/2012 465.7 9.081 3.419Car needed a tune up bad for this tank. This was the first full tank after registering the car on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012. I drove very economically most of the tank, but there was a sizable portion of it where I was going flat out (particularly up hills) trying to sort out the hesitation problem which was fixed by doing a tune up today. I did not fill up at the same pump I started the trip at. Started it in G.B. and finished it in Pittsfield (which is higher elevation), but both fill ups were up into the fill neck (anymore and I would have been pouring gasoline onto the pavement). I also drove the tank without a gas cap as I apparently left it on the top of the car after filling up! I did some mild hypermiling techniques like turning the engine off and coasting at times when the engine was cold and some on engine coasting once it was warm. Temps for the tank were mid-20s to mid-40s. Tire pressure bumped up to about 45psi. 51.28
12/02/2012 0 0 3.75Aggressive driving style. Really not much thought to the fuel saving. A couple 60mph stints, but mostly driving for fun and to make time. Lots of 5500RPM revs. Some hills. some of the least fuel efficient driving I've done in this VX or in my other one over 5 years.
12/02/2012 0 0 3.359Aggressive driving style. Really not much thought to the fuel saving. A couple 60mph stints, but mostly driving for fun and to make time. Lots of 5500RPM revs. Some hills. some of the least fuel efficient driving I've done in this VX or in my other one over 5 years.

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