Gaslog data for 95 Saturn SW1

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Gaslog data for 95 Saturn SW1
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
05/14/2013 293.5 7.055 3.289In town 41.60
03/30/2013 218.8 4.89 3.259Last leg of the trip. Uphill 2500 feet. Filled up at same pump on the same setting to get an accurate round trip average. Total trip 646.8, total fuel 12.537, total mpg 51.59. 44.74
03/30/2013 266 4.688 3.559Same trip as last entry. Downhill 1500 feet and back up 1000 feet. HAI running 80*-110*. New record!56.74
03/29/2013 162 2.959 3.499Interstate driving 70 miles at 60mph, rest of the tank highway @ 55mph. Hot air intake running 80 to 100 degrees. (50* ambient) 44psi in tires, removed wiper arms. Downhill 2000 ft. 85 octane, E10. My new MPG record.54.74
03/28/2013 79.3 2.042 3.259Town driving. replaced the thermostat near the end of the tank and built a hot air intake at the same time.38.83
03/22/2013 96.1 2.99 3.339All town driving. I noticed my thermostat went bad during the last tank, the temp gague is not coming up to operating temperature.32.14

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