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Gaslog data for T.A.R.D.I.S.
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
12/08/2013 506.6 18.104 3.349Commuting back and forth to work. The drive has been less congested due to early/late shifts, but the temps have been much colder (teens to 30 degrees), and we had snowfall.27.98
11/26/2013 539.5 18.147 3.249Commuting back and forth to work and church, and around town helping a church friend look for a new car. Temps have been in the teens and twenties in the morning, and in the 30s in the afternoons. Due to the mileage drop, I suspect that the stations have switched to winter blend gas.29.72
11/17/2013 539.8 18.574 3.259Commuting back and forth to work and church. The first week's commute was comfortable, albeit with cold temperatures. The 2nd week's commute was in heavy traffic in both directions, and the temps fell to the low-to-mid- 20s in the morning and the 40s in the afternoon. High winds on a couple of days.29.06
11/03/2013 550.1 18.133 3.159Commuting back and forth to work and church, plus one round trip to Martinsville. Temps in the low 30s in the morning and 45 to 60 in the evening. High wind and heavy rain for 2 days. 30.33
10/22/2013 623.7 17.72 3.259Driving up and down a 3300-foot mountain in South Carolina, then back to Indy, then to work and back. Temps in the 50s-70s on 10/20 and 10/21, and in the 40s-50s today. Speeds in the 60-70 mph range.35.19
10/20/2013 583.6 16.582 3.099Trip from Greenville, South Carolina. Kept the speeds between 55-70 for 90% of the trip. Good traffic, no wind, and temps in the 50s. Once in South Carolina, we drove to some plantation houses and around town for about 50 additional miles.35.19
10/16/2013 421.1 14.017 3.549Commuting back and forth to work and church. Traffic has been better, but still not great. I filled up early since I am driving to South Carolina in the morning.30.04
10/09/2013 440.1 16.482 3.439Horrible traffic on the interstate has forced me to commute back and forth to work through the middle of Indy. The stop-and-go traffic is taking me 15 minutes longer to get to work, despite a route that is 4 miles shorter. I only had one trip out of Indy for the tank, and that was just to Church and back.26.70
09/22/2013 486.1 16.699 3.459Commuting back and forth to work. Since the I-65 and I-70 splits are closed and North Meridian at 465 is under construction, traffic has been terrible. The commute times have almost doubled, and I have spent several minutes each morning and afternoon in stop-and-go traffic.29.10
09/13/2013 572.4 17.307 3.339Commuting back and forth to work and church. I worked late shift, so the traffic was not as bad for much of the commute.33.07
08/29/2013 546.6 16.601 3.759Trip back from Martinsville (30 miles), then commuting back and forth to work and church. No traffic for 1st week, and moderate to heavy traffic for 2nd week. 10% A/C usage. Temps in the 80s-90s.32.92
08/17/2013 517.5 16.092 3.599Commuting back and forth to work and church. Drove back and forth to Shades State Park and down to Martinsville (riddled by stop-and-go traffic). 32.15
08/07/2013 527.5 16.809 3.449Commuting back and forth to work and church. Temps have been mild for this time of year. About 10% A/C use.31.38
07/26/2013 537.1 17.048 3.449Commuting back and forth to work. 3 traffic jams. 31.50
07/14/2013 529.1 17.396 3.739The last 1/2 of yesterday's trip to Harrisburg, IL, some driving around Evansville, and the return trip to Indy. I drove to Lafayette and back today. Temps were high, so the A/C was running most of the time. The speeds were between 60-70 most of the time.30.41
07/13/2013 455.9 16.393 3.599Commuting back and forth to work for 2/3 of the tank. The final 1/3 tank was driving most of the way to Evansville at around 75 mph, with the A/C on most of the way. Took 2-lane roads, and ran up to 90 mpg a few times while passing slower traffic. Added nearly 3 gallons after the first click at fill-up after this tank, so tank may not be accurate. At 306 miles, I switched out the stock size (215/50R/17) Coopers for 2013 Accord OEM 18" wheels and Michelin Primacy 235/45R/18 tires. The tires have a +3.38461% circumference, so I will adjust the mileage.27.81
07/01/2013 476.2 15.486 3.259One trip back and forth to Terre Haute, commuting back and forth to work, and lots of in-town driving. A/C use about 50% of the time. Some hard driving in town. 1.7-gallon top-off.30.75
06/23/2013 424.2 13.255 3.469Dealer filled up before I left, so I did not verify tank was full. I topped off 1.8 gallons at fill-up, so I deducted that from the amount. The tank consisted of the 350-mile drive home from the dealer at 65-75 mph with the A/C on, then driving to church and back today with a couple of short trips. Michal drove about 45 miles.32.00

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