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Gaslog data for 'Zuki!
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
11/17/2013 256.4 7.97 3.55Strasburg, ohio back home (rosedale, wv)... 80-85 mph on interstate, 65-70 mph in two lane roads until i returned home friday, then 55 like normal...Some driving locally, including my wife who professes cant drive a stick... Grille block is still there... Engine temp between 190 and 210 degrees... Stay tuned for the next tank... I added fuel system cleaner and experimentally filled up with Sunoco 93...32.17
11/15/2013 211.2 6.7 3.09Strasburg, ohio to upper sandusky and back... Tried to maintain 10 miles over speed limit on highways... Ohio is really flat though... Trying to skip gears and lug the engine more... Either going 1-3-5 or 2-4-5...31.52
11/11/2013 314.8 10.58 2.95Grille block installed... Two different trips on interstate... First trip was on I79, 70 mph, second trip was between mineral wells, wv and strasburg, oh, between 75 and 80 mph... Most time spent on two lane roads was above the speed limit, sometimes as high as 65 mph sustained... Lots of hypermiling and coasting down hills, at speeds as high as 75 mph...29.75
11/03/2013 148.5 5.377 3.49Lots of hills on this tank of fuel...27.61
11/01/2012 258 9.2 3.49First tank with ultragauge, trying to refine my driving to be efficient... I did have a very aggressive trip from work to home, averaging over 70 mph on two lane country roads...28.04

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