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Gaslog data for Phanaeus Vindex
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
02/22/2014 1382 30 0another series of partials and a final fill. B50 average of 15 B99 and 15 ULSD at various prices through the time period.46.06
12/28/2013 1414 30.507 0several partial tanks and one final fill-up, various prices. Final tally is close to a B50 average: 15 of B99 and 15.507 of ULSD46.35
10/31/2013 20970 486.045 0I've had this about 17 months, now. It's about time I posted... 66.045 gal of ULSD and 420 of B99, or an average of B86.43.14

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