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Gaslog data for Old Chevy Boat
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
09/16/2007 364.247 15.94 2.519Valero, same pump, horribly running but got it fixed (vacuum leak). Plenty of running around the neighborhood trying to figure it out. 20325.222.85
09/07/2007 400.875 16.975 2.529Filled up with Valero, will see if next tank shows a different trend going away from Shell. Engine is not running very smooth, I think the points need adjusting.23.61
08/29/2007 45.9459 2.223 2.559Think this was at 70 or full speed (there was some traffic so I didn't travel that fast the whole time). But also coasting to stoplights/etc. ODO=19,610.820.66
08/24/2007 51.3 2.272 2.579Pretty sure this was back to "normal" driving with P&G though not as aggressive. Could be off due to small 2 gallon fills.n odo=19,564.922.57
08/23/2007 49.69 2.064 2.579Steady 55 on highway in comparison to P&G most of the time. Did coast to stoplights or when traffic was slowing down.24.07
08/22/2007 365.639 14.4 2.59 25.39
08/01/2007 489.554 18.399 2.659Think this was the first full tank with no radiator fan. Got alternator fixed at very end of tank.26.60
07/20/2007 542.033 21.28 2.715 gallon fill plus 16.280 fill.25.47
07/01/2007 424.544 16.191 2.739Same Gasoline, worked on slowing down my pulse a bit, not going so fast. Had a few rainstorms to drive through, it seems the slower driving when raining promotes better Mileage. Removed radiator fan for last 75 -100 miles.26.22
06/21/2007 408.694 16.161 2.739Same Gasoline, Pulsing up to 65-70 and gliding down to 55. Looks like I should bring the pulse back down to 60-65 to get back to 30MPG.25.28
06/10/2007 173.074 6.922 2.879Forgot to record mileage before getting back on the road. Think I have it right, will find out next tank!25.00
06/05/2007 299.773 12.298 2.999Inclement weather, left running during rainstorm when idling and after afraid I wouldn't have the battery to restart. Alignment done.24.37
05/29/2007 219.234 9.102 2.999Ran out of juice in the battery forcing me to idle at stoplights for over 100 miles of this tank. Hopefully it was just the lights, wipers, and radio all being on that caused the problem and I can just be more careful next time.24.08
05/22/2007 324.727 11.92 2.999Tire pressure was at 32 for half of this tank, bumped back up to 40(max sidewall) (was 44). Drove with 5 people and 4 bikes for 40 miles in the city (not normal).27.24
05/16/2007 474.667 15.67 2.899Shell Gasoline. Was using vacuum gauge and running engine longer in each gear. Changed to switching as soon as possible without the car lugging back and forth on this tank. Continued to Pulse and Glide as much as possible. Usually just when I reach the top of a hill coast down till my speed was too low. ~10MPH drop30.29
05/07/2007 450.248 18.255 2.859Same driving as last tank, I readjusted my points and noticed a huge increase in power which seemed to carry over nicely into 2.5 MPG :). Next tank should be a tad better from the tuning I did on my carb.24.66
04/26/2007 351.074 16.156 2.779Shell. Accelerated quickly a few times. Plenty of traffic. Drove 55 accelerating down hills and "coasting" up hills. Used EOC when possible.21.73
04/18/2007 369.174 16.384 2.759Shell. Drove with traffic (65MPH). Mostly highway again. Used EOC when appropriate. **Updating past logs to reflect my tire size difference, from what I can find stock was 215/70/R14. I have 215/75/R15's installed. 7.1%**22.53
04/09/2007 351.502 17.561 2.699Shell. After finding and using EOC whenever possible. About half of this driving was highway, which throws consistency off. My gas mileage isn't much better on the highway than in the city however because I only have three gears. Engine is revving very hard at 60MPH.20.01
03/19/2007 284.642 18.179 2.359Shell15.65
02/19/2007 276.853 17.592 2.079Shell gasoline, before finding Mostly driving to school and back, no highway, 45 an hour with stoplights.15.73

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