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Gaslog data for Junkyard Geo
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
06/17/2007 214 4.9912 2.89Topped the gas off last time by 2 cents, which comes out to .0598 gal at $2.99 (price it was that week). Deducted that from the 5.051 gal used to fill it up this week to arrive at 4.9912 gal. Continued the same practices as last week. Continued EOC (though i accidentally cranked it while it was on once or twice... ouch!), windows up, conservative driving, etc. New mods coming.... just unsure of what yet end mi = 876.142.87
06/10/2007 207 4.91 2.99Lots of EOCing. Wheel skirts had to be removed as they were rubbing against the tire. Rub could have decreased mileage, or evened out since the wheel skirts improved aerodynamics... I'm not sure. best tank thus far!42.15
12/31/1969 161 4.512 2.74 35.68

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