Gaslog data for Mercedes 190e 2.6 5-speed

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Gaslog data for Mercedes 190e 2.6 5-speed
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
11/12/2007 263.2 10.01 3.15Everything is about the same as before...still need to tune this thing up sometime, or just convert it to a megasquirt system! Temps are cooler, lows in the 30's and highs in the 60's26.29
11/06/2007 301 11.4 3.04Mostly the same as before, but the idle speed is no longer an issue. Occasional A/C usage when defrost is running (always good to see). Sticking close to the speed limits. Tune up still pending, but do not get the weird missing much anymore now that the plug wires have been separated from the *stupid* MB loom to a more standard wiring loom/separator. 26.40
10/31/2007 487 19.6 2.94Mostly the same as before, although finally corrected a high idle problem from a couple weeks ago that would not allow the idle speed to drop below 1800 (throttle microswitch was not engaged). This is a combined two partial-fillup.24.84
09/28/2007 350.6 12.7 2.86Pretty much the same as last time, although a little less A/C usage for the 1st 1/2 of the tank, and more for the 2nd 1/2.27.60
09/17/2007 312.8 11.5 2.87Front Tires @ 40psi, Rear @ 32psi (had a tread separation issue). Running 93 Octane, about 2/3 of the time with A/C, obeying the posted speed limit 90% of the time...somewhat agressive driving when needed, absolutely NO P&G or CODFISHING.27.19
08/06/2007 473.7 19.1 2.94100% A/C usage, driving more agressively until cruising speed, mixture of 91 and 89 Octane, still with the weird miss...can't wait to get those new plugs in!24.80
07/25/2007 677.5 24.65 3.05This is a multi-tank, not quite full on a few tanks, but full *eventually* log entry. Most things are the same as before...same Tire PSI, same general routs, almost 100% A/C use, keeping to +/- 5 mph of the speed limit, some engine-on coasting, and do still have a semi-mysterious occasional stumble/miss around 2000rpm. 27.48
06/16/2007 367.8 13.128 3.08Everything is as last time, except this was a tank of 87 & 89 Octane. This tank is a refill at 89 Octane. No knocking or pinging was observed on the last tank. There were not many real efforts to Hypermile...however, I have been driving the speed limit (mostly) otherwise, mostly my usual driving technique...shift quickly, keep at lower rpm's unless I want to go fast. ;-)28.01
06/06/2007 161.5 5.93 3.0589 Octane , tires @ 40psi cold, 50/50 city/highway driving, A/C on more, much more aggressive driving, more 70mph driving in this batch, and still a bit of a high temp miss, but it is much less noticeable since putting 89 octane in the car. For the next tank I did add 5.93 gallons of 87 octane to top off the current tank of 89 octane. 27.23
05/31/2007 412.3 16.08 3.1293 Octane gas, Tires @ 40psi , 60/40 city/highway, More A/C use, still a high temp miss , several family trips, not much power-on coasting due to holiday traffic. This seems to be a good baseline MPG for speed limit +/- 5mph, stop and go driving without too much effort to save fuel. Filled tank with 89 Octane and no acetone.25.64
05/17/2007 218 8.02 3.1393 Octane, 50% City / 50% Highway, More agressive driving (felt good) :-) Still an occasional high temp miss, no added acetone. Some power on coasting, some minimal AC use.27.18
05/09/2007 109.8 3.73 3.16Tires @ 40psi, 60% Highway 40% City, still with bad plugwires. Did replace the wires today with a noticeable improvement in driving quality! Added some acetone to this tank, not sure how many ounces and took the magnets from a defunct hard drive and wrapped them around the inlet fuel line. Who knows...didn't cost anything. ;-)29.43
05/07/2007 103.5 4.835 3.029Mostly city driving (40% Hwy / 60% City) with family in car. Tires @ 32psi. Car still has intermittent miss/stumble. Tires inflated to 40psi (cold) yesterday, and main air deflector/dam reinstalled yesterday. Missing Left and Right wheel well air deflectors.21.40
05/04/2007 129.8 4.33 3.16Still at 32psi, need to replace plug wires, but doing a bit more power-on coasting. Car still has an intermittent miss and rough idle. Mostly highway driving, with some city. (80%/20%)??29.97
05/02/2007 159.5 6.05 3.04Filled up after throttle repair. Car has a miss--maybe new plug wires will help?? Mixed City (40%) / Highway (60%) driving. Not using AC much.26.36
04/22/2007 335 13.2 3.05Still need to fix throttle cable, and had changed spark plugs mid-tank and reconnected EGR valve. Still need to investigate/replace the cap, rotor and plug wires.25.37

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