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Gaslog data for Black Chariot
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
09/13/2007 380.776 11.3245 0.967Last fill up before oil change tommorow. Hopefully that improves FE situation.33.62
09/01/2007 380.528 10.9486 0.968Tank was absolutely empty. In fact I couldn't start it because there is a slight slope to my driveway. Good thing I enjoy biking. Really struggling to get gd economy lately!34.75
08/23/2007 349.583 10.2718 0.891Wow... Some cheap gas =)34.03
08/18/2007 381.211 12.0296 0.975Hard to get gd FE. A few cold days, and a really hot day with A/C31.68
08/09/2007 380.963 10.8004 0.909Scan guage showed some great trips, except for 1 night. Dunno why I was struggling so much the past couple weeks, coz i haven't changed anything35.27
07/31/2007 417.002 12.0888 0.959Seems like the FE is finally coming back to the car. Bad gas finally out?? Dunno, but finally starting to get gd readings on scangauge on the hwy. 34.49
07/26/2007 380.652 11.4067 0.949More minor MTB trips Getting hard to get good mileage. Having to drive reallly slow feels like theres extra drag somehow.33.37
07/08/2007 361.017 11.0189 1.002Struggled again, although FE seemed to get a bit better on the last quarter of tank according to Scangauge. Having a rough time getting good drafts on highway, and having terrible averages.32.76
07/08/2007 370.834 11.3309 1.019First tank back from Chicago trip. Struggled to get good mileage. Bad gas?? 32.72
06/28/2007 467.333 11.9187 1.007Great weekend hwy trip to waterloo. No gf trips. Last fill up before FE challenge closes and I'm off to Chicago! Go Bannanas!39.21
06/22/2007 329.575 9.4917 1.02No trips to GF's place results in not being stuck in traffic as much. WOT driving technique is getting good. Tires up to 43psi.34.72
06/17/2007 193.868 5.71933 0.987Short fill up for cheap gas =) No real bike hauling for me this weekend as buddy took the hit for hauling all the bikes this weekend.33.89
06/13/2007 294.716 8.89996 0.984Got stuck in horrible bumper to bumper traffic a few times. Otherwise I think it would've been a pretty good tank.33.11
06/10/2007 324.48 9.36199 1.036A bit of a nice highway drive at end. Otherwise lots of short trips, a/c and bike hauling! Also tried a bit more jack rabbit starting, short shifting and tryhing to coast while doing that. Dont think i quite got the technique right on this tank. Tires up to 40psi.34.65
06/07/2007 389.786 12.4507 0.994Started the tank by hauling the bikes around, A/C with the GF. Got the scangauge at the end of tank to help things a bit.31.30
06/01/2007 379.844 11.7155 1.006Getting hot here in the summer32.42
05/27/2007 357.848 11.0976 1.052 32.24
05/22/2007 364.186 12.2695 1.075A little fun + 1 trip with bike29.68

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