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Gaslog data for The Gay-O
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
10/24/2007 327.2 9.98 2.93I'm caught in the downward spiral. Will most likely drop below 30mpg this winter. I think I averaged 25 last winter, but that was before I learned how to drive for better FE.32.78
10/14/2007 323.4 9.58 2.95Here's where we watch my FE drop for about 6 months until the weather warms back up. Mirrors are back on, and the defroster will be used more. I expect to be 30mpg or less real soon. My typical winter FE before learning how to drive right was 25mpg. Now is the time for a grill block and a new bumper so I can make an air dam. That will also help the engine warm up quicker so overdrive works sooner.33.75
10/04/2007 328.14 9.515 2.87Weather's cooling off here in MI, and car's taking longer to warm up, which kills me twice. Once because it's burning inefficiently longer until it warms up, and twice because my auto doesn't shift into overdrive until it's warmed up. So if I'm on the highway before the car's warm, I'm cruising a gear low for a bit. This next tank I'm experimenting with the electric draw effect. Unplugged the elec supercharger, and won't use radio, lights, wipers, etc. I don't see how it will make any difference, the alternator is being driven regardless. But I'll trust the judgement of GasSavers and give it a shot.34.48
09/13/2007 351.75 9.7 3.09Nothing spectacular's going to happen until I find time for aero mods. Same ol' same ol' on this tank.36.26
09/04/2007 343.343 9.31 3.25This time my highway cruise was set 5mph lower than usual, which seems to make some difference, but not enough to offset the extreme boredom. I had as good (better, once) with the cruise at the speed limit, and slowing down to draft semis when I caught them. Summary? = More aero mods, less slowing down!36.87
08/23/2007 358 10.3 2.97Nothing special with this tank, didn't check tire pressure, but am making a habit of coasting in neutral when possible. This next tank I think I'll set my highway cruise at 65 instead of 70 just to see what the difference is. I'd like to get to 40mpg @ 70mph cruise eventually. The downside of this whole gas saving hobby is that now my desire for a motorcycle is no longer justified. Boo!34.75
08/11/2007 336 9.07 2.79I decided "to hell with the transmission", after all, I only paid $600 for the car, and have been driving it every day for a year and a half already. So I've been coasting more this tankful, and it has paid off, by breaking my 35mpg barrier. I am now into 37mpg range. If I ever get around to the aero mods (like replacing my busted front bumper cover) I'll finally hit my 40mpg goal.37.04
08/03/2007 346 9.8 2.89I seem to be at a 35mpg hump. I was expecting some mild gains this tank, but did have a day of hurried driving, and I also wasn't the one who filled up last time, so I'm not 100% on the mile count. Nice to have gas under $3 I suppose, though.35.30
07/13/2007 350 9.9 3.35Hmmm...apparently no difference between taking seats out or leaving them in. The car weighs 100-150 pounds less without the seats, but I've seen no mpg gain. However, I measured tire press, and they're all around 40psi. I'm sure I filled them all to 45 when I started, so that's probably what accounts for the loss. Also, this was a more typical tank, with less city driving, which means more constant speed and less coasting. If I'm getting a constant 33mpg on the highway, I may be doing better in the city with all the coasting opportunities. I need to get serious about aero mods to break the 40mpg barrier.35.35
06/25/2007 365 10.2 3About 1/3 into this tank I removed both outside mirrors and covered the holes with plastic. Car got noticably quieter. With about 1/4 tank left, I removed the passenger seat, and rear seat and seat belts. I have also been coasting "in gear" out of fear of losing my transmission early. I can buy a lot of gas for the price of a transmission. I also still cruise the highway at 70mph. If I can get 40+mpg average with my 3 speed auto and still cruise 70mph, I will be thrilled!35.78
06/08/2007 200.5 5.8 3.35I could tell I was getting better gas mileage with this tank, so I filled up to see how I was doing. Filling the tires to 45psi instead of 35, coasting whenever possible and reducing my highway cruise speed 5 mph gave me a 10% improvement in FE. My commute is nearly all open highway, with cruise set at 70mph, so really the only way for me to do better than this is through aero mods to the car. This tank of gas was WAY more city driving than I typically do with this car, so a 10% improved average is huge for me!34.56
06/01/2007 313.7 10.05 0actual od reading: 291 x 1.078 (7.8%) tire size error = 313.731.21

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