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Gaslog data for CR-REX
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
07/29/2007 206.75 3.801 2.739Home from AL, stuck in construction traffic on interstate.54.39
07/29/2007 217.8 3.615 2.759To Gulf Shores, AL60.24
07/27/2007 249.8 5.023 2.759trip to Biloxi, mostly highway below speed limit. 49.73
07/08/2007 152.9 2.942 2.849Drove across the lake, no hypermiling(easy on pedal) on the way there because the a/c barely works and it was mid 90s outside, windows up, the way back i used EOC(have changed efi relay), no a/c 55-65mph, windows opened 1/4.51.97
07/01/2007 121.5 2.806 2.839replaced header and lost some FE during road tests, heavy foot... damn it. I was surprised that FE was so low though. I really hope I can get my average above EPA. Original EPA sticker was 50/56/52. I have been and will be unable to EOC until I get my main relay changed. I should probably adjust my idle as well because sometimes it will fall too low momentarily which sometimes causes it to die at start or restart. Extremely annoying since the relay won't let me restart immediately all the time.43.30
06/23/2007 61.25 1.304 2.92pretty good bit of EOC 40% city 60% highway. Changed spark plugs and wires. Filled till overflowed.46.97
06/17/2007 159.3 4.25 1.89.125 gal fuel injector cleaner + 4.125 gal 87 octane. Ran across Lake Pontchartrain on the Causeway for Father's day. Switched injectors 50 miles in. lost about a cup of gas from fuel rail injectors and hoses. Adjusted timing all the way advance to approx 12 degrees BTDC. Ran the car to use compressor and for timing several times. Oh yeah, used EOC a number of times.37.48

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