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Gaslog data for Spaz (Sport Topaz)
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
03/05/2008 500.6 15.456 3.03143436.7M. 6.582g reg., 8.874g E8532.38
11/25/2007 132.1 3.9 2.86142936.1M. topped with E10. totally topped it off instead of going 2nd click so that might explain fe drop33.87
11/22/2007 430.5 11.375 2.91142804M. topped with E1037.84
11/07/2007 186.4 5 2.09142196m E85 siphoned from sport coupe. ok this is a guess at the quantity. why do none of my gas cans have nice gradations on them?!? actually i thought i put closer to 3 gal in but that would be ridiculous fe wouldn't it.37.27
11/02/2007 201.2 5 2.99e10 big ol price jump today! 148,011m no p&g, just cruising 55 or a bit less. i love this car!40.23
10/20/2007 168.6 5.1 2.09E85. Plus topped it off more than usual so this will cause some tank-to-tank fe calc variation. 147809.8M33.05
09/17/2007 186.7 4.616 2.59Topped off with E85- a little fuel system cleanse won't hurt, especially after all that sitting. No hypermiling tactics, just gentle driving. 147,641M.40.44
06/27/2007 134.8 5.01 2.89First FE check- but mainly topped off now because prices are jumping up a dime. Some misbehavior (ya have to find out how fast the new car goes, right?) and not really driving for max FE. Started out on poor tires that don't hold air- switched to lil old 13's. FE looks to be about average. 141,454.7M.26.90

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