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Gaslog data for Jacinto's VX!
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
07/20/2008 505.2 7.671 4.139some highway driving but mostly rural country roads. Car overheated. Brought it to mechanic. about 30 miles testing the car trying to get it to overheat again after the work was done with the CEL on, bringing down my average. Probably a significant amount of idling as well during diagnostics by mechanic.65.85
07/05/2008 589.65 7.9 4.159Tank started off abysmal when a friend borrowed the car, drove with the CEL on and shifted at high RPMS (3000-4000?) was only about 15 miles tho. Rest of the tank I was behind the wheel. 120 or so miles was transporting friend to the airport - about 150 pounds luggage plus passenger. State roads (55mph speed limit most of the time) and highway where I did 60mph or less with brief 70mph behind a truck. 120 mile return route just myself. Rest of the tank was normal short trips. Lots of EOC entire tank. Occasional DFCO and very few key starts (instead bump start and idle at lights)74.63
06/24/2008 559.6 8.762 4.119Same driving techniques and style as last tank except no highway this tank and no non-hypermiling driving mixed in. No high speed episodes etc. Other small difference this tank is that I bump started before coming to a complete stop at a red light rather than running the battery down by starting using the starter when the light turned green. Got better gas mileage than indicated here since I filled the tank to the very top this time (slight overspill) If you look at last gas log you'll see it stopped before the tank was full. Average of the two tanks is just over 67mpg. The gas tank is starting to bother me a bit. It did not auto shut off. It overspilled before autoshut off. I did not top off. There is a little hole beneath where you put the nozzle in to fill gas--not sure if it's for overspill or if it should be there.63.86
06/08/2008 562.4 7.962 4.019Pump stopped before tank completely full (at least I think--this car's gas tank is very mysterious to me) LOTS of EOC --The second half of the tank focused a little more on slow acceleration. Most of the tank was shifting later than usual in favor of keeping an egg between the gas pedal and the floor (so slightly higher RPMs going up hills) No wide open throttle for the whole tank except maybe at the very beginning. Tried to minimize driving with the CEL on as much as possible to avoid open loop. One part of this tank was driving like a maniac for about a 27 mile trip. Was very late for a play so I drove like a bat out of hell. Max RPM 5000 RPM, max speed 80mph up a hill. One hill you start out with very little speed because when you turn onto the road, it's a hill. I passed a car going up this hill, which was needless to say dumping gas like the gizzards. This trip included a passenger of about 180lbs. Most of the tank did not have much added weight (I only weigh 135lbs myself) One short trip was loaded up with 4 people total but was only about 3 miles. The tank overall consisted of many short trips and many cold and semi cold starts. Weather has been moderate except for today and yesterday which were very hot! The end of the tank was spent on the interstate (posted speed limit 65mph) for about 50 miles going between 50 and 70mph, but mostly around 60mph and very little drafting. 50-55mph is not appreciated by other motorists, whereas 60mph is acceptable.70.63
05/26/2008 521.7 8.89 3.939Mixed driving. Lots of EOC and P&G the entire tank. About 200 or so interstate miles at speeds generally from 60-70mph. Drafting behind semis on the highway where possible. As always, driving in hilly areas. Nothing steep, but usually there is some sort of hill I am going up or going down.58.68
05/12/2008 496 8.5 3.699I went to the gas station this morning, filled up 8.5 gallons, but the damn auto stopper stopped too late and there was some overspill--so you could say that the tank is topped off. Despite this, (having put in more fuel than I used on this tank) I still averaged 58.35mpg. The fuel I put in is 10% ethanol, so not sure if that means worse MPG for next tank. We'll see. This tank consisted of consistently employing EOC at every opportunity (even if it meant bump starting 5-10 seconds later) If I wasn't on the gas, the engine was off. So you could say I was doing a lot of P&G. As soon as I needed power again, I'd turn the engine on. At lights, most of the time I left the engine off and just started it as soon as it turned green or right before if I felt I could predict (which I didn't do well all the time) or I'd roll real slow and bump start at the last second. Most of it was city driving or state roads. I employed EOC the most in the city environment. 200 miles or more were interstate, and 100 or more of those were drafting behind trucks at about 125 feet back at speeds around 60-70mph, with speeds often closer to 70mph. On the highway, my driving was mostly steady state. If I wasn't drafting, I was generally doing 60mph on the interstate. On state roads I generally adhered to the speed limit or drove less if other people were happy to save gas too.58.35
05/01/2008 549.8 10.698 3.534Spring is here and I got a new battery so I'm EOCing like running the engine was a crime. More than half of this tank was highway mileage on the Masspike leaving and returning to the Pioneer valley twice. The rest is dinking around Amherst to and from school and errands where I do most of my EOCing. Got the tires around 60PSI. Lean burn only on Highway -otherwise my trips are too short for lean burn. So I save gas my absurd amounts of EOC to keep the engine light from coming on (which puts the engine into gas guzzling open loop mode, as I understand it) Highway speeds around 60mph. This is the average of two half tanks (hence the odd gas price) Important: filling up at the end of this tank filled the fill neck to the very top, so I know this number is lower than my actual mileage for this tank. Next tank will be higher than the actual mileage despite some steep hills that require first and second gear to go up. (unless the nozzle fills the fill neck again at the end of this tank, but it never seems to do so two tanks in a row for some reason, which I think is the chief rerason for the up down graph of my gas log), so next tank will probably be in the low 60s or upper 50s.51.39
12/15/2007 454.9 10.7 3.059cold and snowy. some sleet and ice-- and then a snow storm plowing through heavy snow/unplowed roads. next day couldn't get out--spent about 10 minutes spinning and revving in place. Cold and snow and this tank pump filling the fill neck combine to net worse tank to date: 42.5mpg (pump 8 at Cumby's gas station) I have also needed an alignment for most of the life of the car.42.51
12/05/2007 483.4 8.6 3.069A Happy tank. Some darned tootin cold weather! most if not entire tank was sub freezing. Say a mean temperature of about 23 degrees. Yes, mean as in not nice. about 45 interstate miles. Top speed around 80mph for the tank? mostly efficient driving tho. Still doing EOC where I can--but driving in slick icy roads is not safe for that.56.20
11/26/2007 385.4 8.7 3.059Hess gas station that fill up. Umm.. as predicted, abysmal tank. That's because the previous tank was not filled to the top and so gave it an extra favorable reading. An average of the two tanks yields 54.12mpg. Lower air in tires tho also effected gas mileage. Finally fixed the leak.44.29
11/16/2007 565.5 8.87 2.999Tank didn't fill up all the way for some reason. Nearly another two gallons could have fit, so actual mileage probably around 52-53mpg. Colder weather this tank. Lots of sub zero mornings and last few days have been hovering not much above the freezing mark with a few snow flakes flying about. Regardless of how I drive this tank, my next tank will tank, unless once again it stops filling nearly two gallons from being completely full, but usually at that gas station, it fills to the brim. I think it maybe the specific pump I used. So I am making a note that filling up for this tank was pump #5.63.75
11/05/2007 448.5 9.72 2.929Some efficient driving. Lots of normal driving. Some spirited driving. Top speed of 80 on highway. Average speed around 50mph. Bad clutch master cylinder which was fixed earlier on in the tank and some cold mornings may have hurt FE as well. About 150 miles on highway, about 100+ of those at around 60-65mph. Lots of hills and some added weight at the last part of the tank.46.14
10/30/2007 542.8 9.5 2.759new o2 sensor 120 miles into tank. Overall fairly efficently driven, but less so than last tank and filled up at higher elevation. Nevertheless, improved fuel economy from last tank. Also, some very chilly mornings with frost.57.13
10/21/2007 573.5 10.6 2.729Drove as if gas was in very short supply. And yet I have nothing to show for it except complete befuddlement. Read my gaslog for my 1026 miles two tank combined for 62.6mpg. This tank had NO FE killing anything. I drove slow and did moderate mild P&G and coasting down hills and the last 100 miles did lot of EOC. What gives, I have no idea. It's been slightly colder now that it's autumn, but it has also been unseasonably warm so it really hasn't been much colder. Nothing to point the finger at. Frustrating.54.10
10/10/2007 461 11.174 2.659This was a horrid tank for several reasons. It was in the shop where it was being revved and idled for extensive periods of time in search of the idle problem and sticking idle. After the car was fixed, there was more engine revving and idling. I then drove it a few miles with high revs to test that the problem was gone. I did a 0-60mph test with a friend in the car. 12.6 seconds. Did some other high rev driving as well. There was driving some moderate driving for FE mixed in there, probably consisted of 1/2 the tank. The mechanic then drove it about 15 miles at normal speeds but in the wrong gear so it was revving high. I then had it brought back to the shop to have the brakes fixed after my friend and I did a cobbed job. Unknown number of miles setting the brakes (a very poor FE activity) but I put down 5 miles for that. (probably more, doubtful that it was less) Then I drove with load (a heavy woman) 73 miles with the A/C on most of the time and wasn't able to drive as efficient as normal. Lots of big hills that segment including a short, very steep one. 41.25
09/29/2007 444 10.1 2.699This tank was mostly at 75-80mph. There was a short trip where I hauled 12 cinder blocks and a bunch of wood with the tail gate open for some terrible drag. There was some efficient driving in there. Some high speed P&G on the hills on the highway. 50PSI front and 53PSI rear. Some engine testing and brake testing around Dartmouth campus that didn't help. G.B. Getty Gas43.96
09/26/2007 525.08 9.662 2.699Drove consistently good for FE. Towards end of tank lost discipline and had some heavy footed fun, but it was fairly short lived. With no brake testing, and no mechanics, and no highway, I was expecting much higher numbers. Can't really understand what's going on. part of me thinks the tank wasn't properly filled on the last tank. This tank is definitely filled up. Makes me think next tank will see the 60s again, even if there is highway or careless driving thrown in there. I didn't expect calculating my mileage to be such an imprecise exercise. G.B. Getty Gas54.34
09/17/2007 1026.64 16.4 2.739This is the average over two tanks. This included setting the brakes twice (a not very fuel efficient prospect of accelerating to 50mph and hitting the brakes hard and doing the same in reverse. about 10 miles of this sort of driving total to get the quirks out in the brakes (the brakes have been a bit difficult getting to work right) Most speeds were around 40mph up to 55. Mild pulse and glide where hills are, otherwise steady state and lots of coasting. Some engine off coasting, but the engine doesn't seem to like being bump started. Forgot to mention the 80 miles of driving 75-80mph on hilly Interstate from Worcester, MA to the Berkshires at the beginning of the first tank. distance recorded via google maps. VSS coming soon! (to fix odometer)62.60
09/02/2007 449 7.9 2.899Lots of idling at traffic lights. couple parallel parking jobs. Mechanic testing the car. Fuel cleaner in gas tank which I'm told lowers FE. Lots of short trips and cold starts. 80 miles of Interstate driving at 65 miles per hour with down hill coasting to 58mph. Non LRR tires at 39psi in the rear and 39 psi in the front except for the 100mile trip to Worcester where the rears were inflated to 46 before commencing that trip. Occasional engine off coasting on secondary roads. Some pulse and glide on hills where the road warranted it and mostly drove secondary roads at speeds of 40mph to 55mph

Car has high idle at warm up and sticky idle during shifts and overall funky idle that does not help my FE.

Distance recorded by using google maps because my odometer does not work all the time.

most driving temps were in the 70s except for some cooler mornings in the 50s and 60s.


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