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Gaslog data for Teal VX
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
04/29/2009 340.1 7.49 1.939hours of cruising over the speed limit along with a couple of traffic jams and some city driving. Warm temps helped! edit: Just noticed in just the last week the car logged about 1k miles! Wow! Too bad for the car this was on the last leg of its 10k mile synthetic oil. After this fillup just added royal purple oil (on sale! 5w-30), filter, seafoam'd the motor (inside and out), and replaced the leaky VC gasket/gromets/tube seals.45.40
04/25/2009 309.2 7.734 2.279Road-trippin. Driving too fast.39.97
04/24/2009 200.4 5.088 1.879 39.38
04/11/2009 271.4 6.946 1.899Not eco driving39.07
03/28/2009 223.5 6.328 1.939been beating on vx too much lately, scared to see how this one turns out35.31
03/20/2009 337 7.381 1.769 45.65
03/13/2009 287.6 7.003 1.769 41.06
02/16/2009 360.8 7.649 1.839Bit warmer, summer 13in tires, no flats, 34/36psi, added mud flaps, lowered front of car47.16
02/15/2009 327.2 8.198 1.939Plenty of city driving39.91
02/13/2009 242.2 5.175 1.859Cold46.80
02/06/2009 255.7 6.922 1.799Cold driving. Partial flat for most of the driving.... Fourth in 3 months.36.94
01/25/2009 363.3 8.845 1.799Cold, car was having some issues.41.07
01/25/2009 229.2 5.418 1.719All highway. New plugs, radiator, OEM fan installed, plug wires. All 4 snow tires on.42.30
01/19/2009 229 5.352 1.699Free wawa gas42.78
01/17/2009 324.6 8.258 1.699Very cold temps - free wawa gas39.30
01/08/2009 225.9 6.181 1.659Very cold - Weighed down car36.54
01/03/2009 246.2 6.138 1.499 40.11
12/24/2008 274.6 6.52 0 42.11
12/20/2008 318.5 8.178 1.589 38.94
12/01/2008 284.8 6.974 1.589Winter40.83
11/27/2008 229.5 6.036 1.599 38.02
11/15/2008 279.2 6.962 1.839Rear tires had very little air in them (under 20 psi). Front were also kinda low. Probably why the MPG has been dropping lately. Just added the air to 36 psi front/rear (11/17/08). 40.10
11/02/2008 223.7 4.886 2.37950/50 Much colder temps. 60-3845.78
10/19/2008 368 7.895 2.79980% highway driving around 75 mph - car loaded Getting colder! Don't think there is winter-blend yet though. Added OEM grill block, OEM VX lip, and OEM VX rear diffuser. Still have the rear mudflaps on the car though... For the next long trip I take I'll take them off. Most of my driving is on back roads, one of which is a dirt road, so the flaps help a lot to keep the rear window from getting dirty. I also made the intake into a warm-air only setup using the OEM setup. Just changed oil with synthetic 5w30. Also seafoamed the the intake, fuel, and the oil at the time of the oil change. Car still needs new spark plugs and plug wires (all the connections need to be recrimped and the wires will fall apart if I take them off) which haven't been replaced for over a year (copper NGK v-powers which wear quickly but work amazing).46.61
10/12/2008 371.9 9.01 3.219 41.27
09/30/2008 329.1 7.065 3.529Rural driving, plenty of stops. Warm weather.46.58
09/13/2008 309 7.14 3.6980% rural - driving to work and going over the speed limit to get there early 20% highway - driving on the speed limit mostly43.27
08/23/2008 322.2 7.837 3.479Short trips to work (10 minute drives) on back roads, lots of stops. Also a lot of stop and go city traffic. It's now due for its 8k mi oil change and it's ready for plugs and wires. I'm going to push those off till about two weeks from now...:O41.11
08/02/2008 267 5.695 3.739Over-loaded car due to moving, very hot with windows open46.88
07/20/2008 291.9 6.267 3.899HOT summer driving, windows open46.57
07/07/2008 351 6.537 3.919About 70% highway.53.69
07/03/2008 151.2 3.57 3.959Summer driving, windows open.42.35
07/02/2008 254.2 5.691 4.03960 MILES highway, the rest stop and go here in OC MD44.66
06/10/2008 194.7 4.988 3.999All stop and go.39.03
05/21/2008 346.7 7.225 3.759Small road-trip from OC MD to DC but a decent bit of stop-and-go47.98
05/14/2008 149.1 3.805 3.679All stop and go.39.18
05/01/2008 285.1 6.256 3.519Mostly highway with a car loaded with a few hundred pounds of stuff.45.57
04/28/2008 328.6 8.691 3.619 37.80
04/21/2008 337.6 7.343 3.459warmer temps45.97
04/11/2008 343 7.88 3.279A little warmer weather!43.52
03/27/2008 337.5 6.74 3.239It was kinda warm for some of this tank (in the 50s), so it helped it a lot. Lately the pumps I use have been not giving me receipts, so that's why I haven't updated this gaslog lately.50.07
01/28/2008 298.4 7.111 3.059Winter driving, no highway First tank w/synthetic. New plugs. New fuel filter/oil filter.41.96
01/12/2008 295.7 7.508 2.999Road trip w/ very different pumps. I think this was one of those unreliable readings.39.38
01/11/2008 164.5 4.037 3.099Winter daily driving40.74
01/09/2008 316.2 6.36 3.119More winter daily driving49.71
01/06/2008 251.1 5.27 3.139Winter daily driving47.64
01/04/2008 344.3 7.712 2.979 44.64
12/16/2007 293.1 6.705 2.999This was a lot of cold driving, snow/ice driving, and being stuck in city traffic for hours...43.71
12/12/2007 327.6 7.407 3.039 44.22
12/02/2007 266.5 6.026 3.069Last pump I had one that kept shutting off before being full, and this time the pump shut off when the gas tank almost overflowed, so I think this fill-up is off by about a half gallon. I did about an hours of very slow, snow driving, so I think that caused the MPG to be lower also. Temps have been cold for this tank.44.22
11/27/2007 299.3 6.656 3.069Did about 100 miles of highway driving. Last tank I used a strange pump, so I think that's why this isn't my best MPG recorded though I think it should be with this upward trend my car has been getting. I ordered some 185/80/13s for snow tires, and since they are skinnier and a little taller than the current 175/70/13s, they should yield better MPG for the next tank, which they will be installed for the majority of. I hit a few traffic jams with this tank, since it was the Thanksgiving holiday (biggest travel holiday of the year), so I think that contributed to this tank not doing as well as it should have.44.96
11/22/2007 275.7 5.898 3.059This is the 2nd tank with the shift-light, so I'm still getting used to it, but it has helped me shift much better than I was before. I finally converted the intake to warm-air only, so this has already made the car warm-up much faster than it was before. Temperatures have still been cold here, and my driving on this tank was limited to 100% rural roads. No highway driving at all. I was hit by a deer while driving on this tank, so my car's aero will now be somewhat diminished... :( I did have a pump issue when filling up on this tank, but I did stop when it almost over-flowed, so I THINK it is accurate. If not, I'll add this disclaimer since this is my best tank lately.46.74
11/15/2007 331.4 7.776 3.059Just got the shift light working for this tank. Also installed the OEM intake for most of the tank, but didn't install the part that makes it so it only sucks warm basically, even though it was about 35 degrees out the entire tank, I still had it sucking cold air...stupid me. Also did a Seafoam treatment which entailed having the car idling at 2000RPM for about 10 minutes while slowly pouring it in, and then after it sat for 5 minutes, I took the car to red line multiple times, to clean-out the carbon in the motor. Afterward it idles lower, and drives smoother, but I'm sure that killed my MPG for this tank. Temperatures were also very low for this tank, the high the entire tank was probably about 45 degrees. This tank also had zero highway driving. Did a few roadtrips, but they were all on rural roads with lots of stops...42.61
11/07/2007 313 6.86 3.06Doing a lot of neutral coasting, but I think my shifting is too low in the RPM range. Just fixed my shift-light at the end of the tank, so hopefully it will help. Tires around 40 psi. Car is running perfect. But it has been getting much colder lately, and I've heard the "winter" blend gas is now in the pumps, with added ethanol. :(45.62
10/29/2007 290.4 6.414 2.73I actually drove my friend to MD to pick up his VX on this trip, and a lot of the roads had a 65 mph speed limit, which is the speed I drove. Generally around my area highways are 55 mph, so I think that is why my mileage went down due to this trip. I also added a plastic, and larger grill block.45.27
10/23/2007 358.3 7.79 2.859A little less mpg than the last tank. I did a lot of highway traveling, and this was the first where I was trying some pulse and glide methods. I should get better at it I think. This is also the first with the grill-block.45.99
10/21/2007 385 8.02 2.73Well my car sat for 3 months without being driven between the first and second half of this tank of gas... For the first half I beat on the car pretty bad, since it was going to be the last time I could drive it for a long time. I let the car idle for about an hour after adding the fuel stabilizer to the fuel, and then I stored it away all summer. I got back, and then I realized I want to get the best MPG possible since right now I am out of a job, and b/c of that, I really want to save as much money as possible by changing my driving habits. Before this tank, my average was probably about 40mpg, though I often didn't check the mileage, or really care at all. For the second half of this tank of gas I began to accelerate very slowly, coast in neutral as much as possible, not go over 5mpg over the speed limit unless going down a hill, and keep the RPMs as low as possible all the time. (though I did do one burnout just since I felt like it....) For now on, I plan on getting as good as mpg as possible by changing my driving habits as much as possible.48.00

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