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Gaslog data for Bluey II
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
09/06/2008 332.6 14.52 204.9LOW OCTANE FUEL! also first tank commuting at new place. Very short commute soon to be replaced with bike when it stops raining. Fuel prices back down, and refilled with hi octane fuel. Although my engine has no detonation sensors, it hates low octane fuel122.90
08/07/2008 391.2 14.26 198.9202.9 cents per litre (low octane fuel used to refill) with 4c reduction. commuting and moving house.27.43
07/10/2008 448 15.46 222.9223 cents per litre! commuting tank. 28.97
06/18/2008 402.6 12.84 215.9215.9 cents per litre. Communting but with one highway journey (about 1/4 of the distance travelled).31.35
05/31/2008 399.2 12.73 205.9BEST 'Pure Commuting' tank EVER! 205.9 cents per litre. 4 cents per litre discount used. Pure commuting only. Temperatures falling, frosts in the morning are starting, usually in the low single figures in the mornings.31.35
05/11/2008 500.9 14.26 0BEST EVER TANK!!! Test with 2x small rear wheel skirts (top 1/3 of wheel only), partial grille block (again, only 1/2 the grille). And massive coroplast airdam :) Got very good economy (4.0 units of petrol / distance unit on SuperMID versus the usual 3.7 I can get, if I am lucky, on long journeys. Journey was also suboptimal - steep hills doing 110km/h downhill and braking, and going out of torque convertor lockup when going up hill. Also collected my manual transmission, driveshafts, starter motor etc, linkage, gearstick. Just need flywheel, clutch, clutch pedal and clutch master cylinder to complete the conversion kit :)35.12
05/08/2008 440.1 13.74 194.9194.9 cents per litre. Lots of commuting, one long journey (about 1/3 of tank total). Weather is getting colder, using more fuel on startup (and doing better hypermiling to keep MPGs high)32.03
04/23/2008 410.2 13.44 192First ever 30mpgUS commuting tank! (First tank with Rad block in place...). Commuting MPGs are now approaching what my early Highway MPGs were :) Also, MPGs are going up despite the temperatures here dropping.30.52
04/05/2008 371.3 12.708 1.8491.849 dollars per litre!Extreme hypermiling has yielded a tiny increase in economy! Hurray! I am thinking more and more about a manual swap...29.21
03/16/2008 368 13.07 1.829$1.829 per litre :(. Time for more gas-saving! 49.47 litres, 170179.5km, 588.8km travelled. SMID : 327.98 'km', 45.709+65.535 litres. These last 2 town tanks show my new driving techniques, avoiding the 'lower' town tanks seen in the gaslog earlier on.28.15
03/05/2008 383.062 13.34 0612.9km, 50.5l, 169590.7km. Litres and Date from recovered data, although litres v. accurate as tank was dry on filling :)28.71
02/19/2008 389.875 13.886 1.759168977.8km, 623.8km?, sm 345.75/48.447+65.536, sh_he28.07
02/06/2008 388.375 13.448 1.749168353.6km, 621.4km, 50.90l. Slightly over half tank = commuting, the rest = 3.99 on SMID (about 43mpg IMP), to Auckland + back.28.87
01/26/2008 343.125 13.07 1.749Info for data recovery : 26/1/2008, Shell SH1, 49.48l of [email protected]$1.749/l. 167732.2km; 549.0km travelled by this point. Prev. tank was 50.00 to within 1%, and was ?~600km (prev tank missing - to be recovered)26.25
01/02/2008 398.8 13.42 0Still town driving but trying a new technique...29.71
12/26/2007 327.3 13.34 0Again, SuperMID wasn't used for this tank, and again it was mostly commuting / short journeys (4 mile journeys so mostly during the warmup cycle). It is scary how close the last three tanks were (noting that I have been driving using hypermiling knowledge). There really is a 'brick wall' that this car cannot cross for short journeys. (169.9 NZ cents per litre) 24.53
12/11/2007 297.2 12.13 169.9This tank had no SuperMID (I managed to break the network cable after much use + changing between cars!). I will get a new cable at the weekend (having found out that it is a 'straight through', NOT a 'crossover' cable for the record!). I would note no difference with or without SuperMID for this pure commuting tank. This is because the car is very 'unhypermileable' and if you accelerate to get the engine into a more efficient range, the torque convertor slips more, thereby wasting a higher % of the energy. Overall, the torque convertor seems 'perfectly' matched to prevent hypermiling opportunities. The only way to get better economy is to go at 80kph+, so the torque convertor engages. My current form of 'hypermiling' therefore involves trying to make each tank last as long as possible (in terms of number of days), something my e-bike will help with.24.50
11/25/2007 325.9 13.34 174173.9 cents per litre (oil prices went up suddenly). This tank has been pure commuting e.g. torque convertor almost never in lock-up, and with cold-starts most of the time.24.43
11/10/2007 366 11.546 167.9Driving back up the North Island; it was getting late, I was tired, so I wasn't hypermiling that much, but, I found a new method of using the SuperMID like a wideband O2 sensor (based on my knowledge of Nissan ECUs from Bluey I). It *seems* to have improved my FE on cold-start town journeys but I will have to see what happens. Average speed was near 100km/h (speed limit is 100km/h), and the road is constantly changing elevation / direction, including random hairpin bends...31.69
11/09/2007 329.4 10.824 0Doing another longish around part of the south island (only 100 miles), then back up to just before the ferry.30.43
11/08/2007 393.9 13.078 168.9Driving halfway down the south island, but also taking a detour with loads of hairpin bends (about 200 miles journey in total), lowering FE quite a bit. This drive was actually on 4th Nov.30.11
11/03/2007 373.2 11.255 168.9Driving down the North Island (NZ), and filling up about 30kms into the South Island. Rushing to catch the ferry so no 'extreme' hypermiling but still keeping an eye on the SuperMID.33.15
11/02/2007 126.2 5.23112 0Partly inaccurate. SuperMID needed recalibrating (due to me managing to corrupt the data in it). So drove around for a lot of the tank with one hand pressing the button to adjust the parameter from 32000 back to 7000, therefore no hypermiling. Also, only 7-mile cold-start commuting on this tank, and several full throttle accelerations.24.12
10/27/2007 426.8 13.1995 0Mostly a long journey, with some commuting. Managed to have the lock-up on the transmission on the majority of the tank. SuperMID calibration tank 232.33
10/10/2007 199.4 7.8996 0SuperMID calibration tank number 1 (to be combined with the next tank I did - due to filling differences (angle of car when parked at pump)25.24
09/27/2007 156.44 5.231 163.9 29.90
09/20/2007 408.688 14.214 1.639This car has a big fuel tank! The end of the non-hypermiling 'baseline' tanks. From here on in, I will be trying to get maximum fuel economy! $1.639 per litre (NZ$)28.75
09/16/2007 403.938 14.373 0Slightly more than one tank. 28.10
09/13/2007 524.81 19.234 1More than one tank worth (tank is 50 litres)27.28
09/04/2007 383.3 12.55 0Second tank - a bit better than the first tank for some reason.30.54
09/01/2007 315 11.52 0First tank with my new car! It is auto so the economy isn't as good as my last car. 504km (more accurate conversion later). 27.34

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