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Gaslog data for Three
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
07/01/2008 128.6 4.316 4.650% side street 50% freeway, A/C on all the time29.79
06/16/2008 170.4 5.122 4.730% stop and go 70% freeway, lots of AC usage. Didnt drive aggressive or conservatively33.26
05/22/2008 185.5 5.7 3Just driving the car with full a/c not really caring what kind of MPG I get32.54
05/05/2008 90.2 2.659 4.950/50 stop and go, lots of a/c use33.92
05/01/2008 141 4.01 450% freeway 50% stop and go. AC on full blast at all times.35.16
04/24/2008 47.2 1.47 4Mostly stop and go32.10
04/07/2008 334.2 10.781 3.7Took a huge hit on Mileage. Testing to see how long it takes before the car got too hot idling without fans on. I was toying with the idea of running no cooling fans. Decided to keep the fan in to see how it goes in the summer and if it can handle no fan then. Also beat the piss out of the car trying to get it to overheat. Also fixed my A/C so I spend a lot of time idling with the A/C on when I figured out what was wrong. Didnt want to run it without the engine on.30.99
03/24/2008 121.1 2.7 3.640 MPG club =) All 4 tires inflated to 65 PSI, running 1 spare at the rear Fan Disconnected Berry Man fuel injector cleaner being used with this tank Seafoam added to oil Warm outside Fan Disconnected Didnt exceed 65 mph Only redlined a fiew times 50% Highway, 50% freeway Skip shifted a lot I wonder which one contributed to my big gain.44.85
03/21/2008 53.5 1.447 3.6780% side streets, a few redlines in there. Looks like this car officially gets 35 MPG or better since the recent maintenance stuff done to it. Still need to hit 40 MPG.36.97
03/20/2008 327.7 9.171 3.67No effort at all really to get good FE.35.73
03/06/2008 60.6 1.753 3.4Just topping it off34.56
03/04/2008 27.7 0.72 3.5Just want to see if I can hit 40 mpg. So close! I'll try over inflating my tires and not redline the car at all.38.47
03/04/2008 227.3 5.746 3.49New spark plugs, Wires , distributor and marvel mystery oil for this full tank. 40% agressive driving 60% conservative39.55
02/23/2008 61.1 1.58 3.44Just installed new wires, added Lucas stabilizer, 50% side street 50% freeway 50% conservative driving.38.67
02/22/2008 169 5.677 3.49Beat the piss out of the car during this latest run, redlined it each time and made vids for youtube29.76
02/09/2008 86.1 2.401 2.9Just regular driving, average 70 mph, flooring it attempting to merge into traffic. 50% freeway,50% side street.35.86
01/30/2008 17.7 0.553 2.89Finally put a full tank in my Metro and just wanted to start a log for it. A little dissapointing but it was all stop and go traffic, I think it needs new wires, The spark plugs are new.32.00

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